Preschool Dress Code


Preschool Dress Code

Children can, and will, get messy during the day.  Children should be sent to preschool in clothing that can easily be laundered. When painting, the child often gets paint on their hands, arms, and any clothing not covered by the paint aprons, and while washable paint is used, it can stain some clothing. 

Children should be wearing clothing they can easily manage to unfasten and refasten when going to the bathroom.  Suspenders, belts, onesies,  rompers, long dresses, and overalls are all adorable and cute, but can cause tripping when running and bathroom accidents if they can't be undone quickly enough!

Closed-toed shoes, such as tennis shoes, are best for playing. Open-toed sandals, flip flops, dress shoes, crocs, etc are a climbing, tripping, running, and playing hazard and are not allowed.  Children should be able to put on, fasten, and take off shoes by themselves or with minimal help, for this reason, high-top canvas shoes and tie shoes are strongly discouraged. 

Each child is required to provide a full change (or changes) of clothing to be left at the preschool in case of an accident.  This includes a top, bottoms, underwear, and socks. Children are encouraged to bring a labeled jacket or sweater that can be left at preschool during the cooler months.  All clothing must be marked with child's name.



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